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Chris Elmes and Cait Webb

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Here are some mp3 downloads of Gaïta in various configurations. They are all compressed so the sound quality isn't always all it could be.

A new recording  (with Helena MacGilp) for a planned new CD of 13th C French/Scottish music  Au renouvel du tens que la florete (Anon Trouvere)

A taster from our new 15th C Dance recordings Baxa del Caballero (original music based on tenor and dance by Andrew Casson)

From our concert programme -
The Miraculous World of Alfonso, The Wise

with Anne Marie Summers and Thor Ewing.
A virgen mui groriosa (CSM 42) - Voice, narration, fiddle, percussion

Quen as coitas (CSM 5) - Oud, bagpipe, percussion

Sempr'e virgen groriosa (CSM 377) - Voice, harp, oud, percussion 

From our concert prorgramme -
A Series of Unfortunate Events

with Tembu Rongong, Andrew Casson and
Stacy Schumacher.
Salve Splendor (14th Scottish) - Voice, recorder, harp, oud, fiddle (Live recording)

Estampie on Salvator miserere (arr. Gaita from 14th C Scottish) - Recorder, harp, oud, fiddle (Live recording)

Veritas arpie (14th French) - Shawm, bagpipes, percussion

From our CD
O Dulcis Scotia

Ex te lux oritur (13th c. Orkney/Norway) - Fiddle and harp


Estampie on Hare, hare hye (arr. Gaita from 13th French motet) - Bagpipe and shawm

From our CD
Eschewynge of Ydlenesse

with Misericordia
Amoroso  (15th c. Italy Ballo) - Harp and lute

Suite of Branles (16th c. France) - Fiddle, pipe and tabor, bagpipe, shawm, hurdy gurdy, percussion

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