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The Miraculous World of Alfonso, The Wise

A fully-costumed, staged performance, based on new transcriptions from the famous thirteenth-century Spanish Cantigas de Santa Maria manuscript of King Alfonso, the Wise.  The Cantigas are performed either as songs or as instrumental arrangements, and the colourful miracle stories behind the songs are told.  An entertaining and accessible programme, presenting not only the musical world of thirteenth-century Spain, but also the corresponding worlds of belief and spectacle.  

Sample MP3:   CSM 42 – A Virgen mui groriosa Reya espirital  

“This is how the supplicant put the ring on the finger of the statue of Holy Mary, and the statue curled its finger round it.”

Sample MP3:   CSM 377 – Sempre Virgen groriosa

“How a king gave the post of town scribe to one of his servants, and there were many rivals who, against the king’s wishes, made obstacles for him; he promised something to Holy Mary of the Port, and She made sure of it for him.”

Sample MP3:  CSM 5 - Instrumental

Chris Elmes Medieval Fiddles, oud, bagpipes, percussion
Anne Marie Summers: Voice, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, percussion
Thor Ewing: Voice, Narrations
Cait Webb: Harps, percussion

Contact: Chris Elmes 

(Edinburgh, Scotland)
(+44) 0131 557 2397

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Last updated 20th December 2006