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Chris Elmes and Cait Webb

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Music of the 12th-15th centuries from the courts of Medieval Europe, 

particularly Scotland, France, Spain and Italy.


For a full list of our upcoming performances and events see: Event List

Gaïta recreate the music in a medieval context, performing with period instrument and in period dress. Concert programmes are developed on specific themes, and the music interwoven with tales and anecdotes
of the times. Our aim is to give a novel insight into the cultures of the medieval world in a well rounded
and entertaining performance.

Concert Programmes
 Arthur's Court

 Arthur's Court - Songs of Romance and Chivalry

Music, songs and stories from the legendary court of King Arthur in the Age of Chivalry and Romance. Music from France in the 12th-13th Centuries.
Days of the Decameron

Inspired by Boccaccio’s Decameron in which ten young nobles escape plague-ridden Florence for a villa in the hills, and spend ten days in singing, dancing and telling tales. With Music from Italy in the 14th Century.

  A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events 
A Musical History of Medieval Scotland  
A brief history of medieval Scottish Kings from Malcolm Canmore to James IV. The programme includes music written in Scotland (St Andrews Music Book, Inchcolm Antiphoner), and music showing other's view of Scotland, and other contemporary sources.
No Miracle Too Small

A selection from the Cantigas de Santa Maria from 13th century Spain. This famous collection of miracle songs has many stories, some astounding, some amazing, all entertaining. 
  Le Roman de Fauvel

A musical presentation of the medieval French satire about a horse who gets above his station.
 Lute and Harp
Eschewynge of Ydlenesse 

Medieval and early Renaissance dance music from Italy, France and England with costumed dancers.

Gaïta are also available for weddings, medieval fairs and corporate functions, adding a much needed soundtrack to an event.

We also play and teach early dance up to 16th century. Dance instruction can be tailored for beginners up to experienced. We can even organise a 'Medieval Ceilidh'. We specialise in the dances from the recently discovered Gresley Manuscript from England c.1500 - perfect for 15th century re-enactment groups.

Contact: Chris Elmes 

(Edinburgh, Scotland)
(+44) 0131 557 2397
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