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Gaïta is based around the core of Chris Elmes, Cait Webb and Helena MacGilp but regularly performs with a wide range of other medieval music specialists.

  Chris oud Chris Elmes - Bagpipes, medieval fiddles, oud, percussion, director

Chris is director and founding member of Gaïta. He also publishes books of transcriptions from medieval music sources, most notably the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso, the Wise. He also made a number of the instruments played by the group.

When not being medieval Chris also plays gajda, tambura and tapan in Tsârvuli, the Bulgarian/Macedonian folk music group. In the rest of his spare time he is director of Vorionisi, the Greek folk music group.

Cait Shawm Cait Webb - Shawms, gothic harp, lap harp, pipe and tabor, percussion

Cait is the other core and founding member of Gaïta. She also researches and teaches early dance including the recently unearthed Gresley manuscript (late 15th C Derbyshire).

Another area of expertise is her medieval Calligraphy and Illumination and modern watercolours.

Cait also plays kaval in Tsârvuli, the Bulgarian/Macedonian folk music group.

   Helena Helena MacGilp - Voice, oud and percussion

Helena is a core member of Gaïta bringing a stunning ability with languages and vocal techniques to the group.

Helena is also director of  Vocal Ensemble Hieronymus, specialising in Eastern European folk songs for small ensemble.

She also sings and play tapan in Tsârvuli, the Bulgarian/Macedonian folk music group.

Guest and Past Performers

Andrew Andrew Casson - Medieval lute, citole, recorders, whistles, percussion

Andrew was for many years one of our regular performers, now in Gran Canaria performing with Renouvel.

Andrew was also a past member of Tsârvuli, the Bulgarian/Macedonian folk music group, playing tambura and tapan.

Stacy Stacy Schumacher - Oud, citole percussion

Stacy was a core performer with Gaïta for many years up until 2012 when she sadly moved to Wisconsin.

Tembu Rongong - Voice, narrations

Tembu joins us for our concerts as singer, narrator and story teller. He also sings in church choirs, operas and musicals.

Anne Marie Summers  - Voice, bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, recorders, harp

A regular on the medieval scene in Britain and Europe, Anne Marie is one of the multi-talented performers in Misericordia and Squeak's Noise.

Outside of medieval music Anne Marie also performs in Magpiety and Zephyrus.  Anne Marie's homepage

Thor Ewing - Voice, narrations

Thor, amongst other things, is a writer, translator and singer. He is active in a number of period ensembles including Squeak's Noise.

Thor's recent work as an author includes Viking Clothing (Tempus Publishing).
Thor's homepage

David Yardley  - Voice

David sang with us on our CD O Dulcis Scotia but has sadly now returned to Australia where he performs regualrly with some of the best choirs in the country.

David's homepage

Contact: Chris Elmes 

(Edinburgh, Scotland)
(+44) 0131 557 2397
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Last updated 20th March 2012