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More dances from the Gresley manuscript:
reconstructed by Cait Webb
music composed by Chris Elmes

Grene gynger


These two dances are from the Gresley Manuscript (England, c.1475). There is no music for these dances in the manuscript. New music has been composed by us for the dances.

(Only eight of the dances descriptions from this manuscript have corresponding music, and we have published our reconstructions of these in the booklet "Eschewynge of Ydlenesse" with music on the corresponding CD We have reconstructed from five of the remaining descriptions and arranged to fit some of the remaining melodies and these are published in the booklet "Whatsoever ye wyll" and CD. )

As the descriptions themselves are rather ambiguous, these are tenuous reconstructions, and obviously alternative interpretations are possible. 


Grene gynger          PDF Description         Grene gynger mp3


Orynge                    PDF Description         Oringe mp3

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