Music for dancing from the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Anne Marie Summers : Bagpipes, Recorder, Voice, Pibcorn,  Pipe and tabor
Stephen Tyler: Hurdy gurdy, Citole, Lute, Gothic bray harp, Percussion
Cait Webb: Shawm, Gothic harp, Percussion
Chris Elmes: Medieval fiddle, Bagpipes, Percussion

1 Double branle                     Arbeau, 16thC France

2 Talbott                               Gresley MS, England C1500
3 Northumberland
4 Lybens distonys
5 Prenes a gard
6 Eglamour
7 Esperans
8 Temperans
9 Prenes in gre

10 Maltese Branle                   Arbeau

11 J'ai fait ami a mon chois     Chansonnier du Roi, 13thC France
12 Estampie no. 5
13 Estampie no. 3
14 Soufres, maris                  Vatican Chansonnier , 13thC France
15 Nouvele amor                  Chansonnier de l'Arsenal, 13thC France
16 Ad mortem festinamus        Llibre Vermell, 14thC Catalonia

17 Petit vriens                       Ebreo, 15thC Italy
18 Rostibolli
19 Amoroso
20 Cançon de pifari  (Cupido)
21 La Figlia di Guglielmino
22 Grazioso
23 Anello

24 Danse de Cleves              Brussels MS, 15thC Burgundy
25 Quene note                      Ms. Digby 167, 15thC France
26 Basse Alenchon               Brussels MS

27 Set of branles: Hermits, Pease, Clogs,Washerwomens        Arbeau