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Other Medieval Music groups we have worked with
Misericordia Anne Marie Summers and Steve Tyler (Shropshire/Devon)
Wolgemut Michael Gartner (Sweden)
David Yardley David sings on our latest CD and has his own group in Australia (Canberra, Australia)
Various Medieval groups we have worked for
Schiltron An Aberdeen-based re-enactment group with a fine sense of style
Mythos Historic Events An historic events company run by the good people of Schiltron (see above)
Traquair House A fine tower house and grounds in the Scottish Borders. Venue for many events including the Medieval Fair (usually last weekend of May)
Lanark Medieval Festival Possibly the biggest medieval fair in Scotland (usually 3rd weekend of August)

Other Instrument makers
Julian Goodacre – Bagpipes  Excellent historical bagpipes – Medieval, Renaissance, English pipes
Ardival Harps  Good range of harps from Medieval to gothic plus Celtic
The Early Music Shop  Various early instruments, sheet music etc
Northern Renaissance Instruments  Good for different types of gut strings
Marco Salerno  Maker of good quality early string instruments including fiddles.

Medieval Instrument Information
Paul Butler Historical Instruments  Very good pages on history and building Rebecs and Citoles
Tromba Marinas  ‘A Study in Organology’. A full study of tromba marinas.

Early Music Organisations  
Early Music News  Events, concerts and festivals in the UK
Early Music Forum of Scotland   Informal group of players, singers, dancers and makers
National Centre for Early Music   incorporates the Early Music Directory

Cantigas de Santa Maria - Literature

Cantigas de Santa Maria for Singers  A very useful new resource for cantiga texts with full underlay and many other useful tools
Andalusian Music and the CSM
(Link lost) Manuel Pedro Ferreira - Andalusian influence on the Cantigas
Bases for Transcription
(Link lost) Manuel Pedro Ferreira - discussion on rhythmic transcription of the Cantigas
Influence of Chant on the CSM
(Link lost) Manuel Pedro Ferreira
Stemma of the Marian Cantigas
(Link lost) Manuel Pedro Ferreira
Accentuation and Duration in the Music of the CSM
Hendrik van der Werf

Medieval Music

 A collection of 12th-14th century tunes for singers and instrumentalists (compiled by Gaïta). Downloadable PDF c. 800K
The SCA Merchants page  SCA re-enactment supplies

Folk and World Music (and medieval) events listing

The Scriptorium A Collection of  Things Medieval
Kats Hats Maker and researcher of historical headdresses, costumes and accessories


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